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We Go Beyond the Ordinary Standards

Top of the Line + Cutting Edge

See for Yourself

Lafayette Dental Lab is a high-quality dental laboratory servicing the needs of Dentists and their Patients by creating the best functional and aesthetic dental crowns and bridges possible. Using the best quality materials, the latest of technologies, and the best trained craftsmen we can create the most beautiful and lasting rejuvenated smiles around anywhere!

"Sean is extremely knowledgeable with implant prosthetics and is very good with his hand skills as well. I been working with this lab for a while and very happy with the results. Of course as a doctor you have to do everything right for the lab to give good results but without a good lab supporting you you cannot produce the best results."

standing the test of time

We are proud to have reconstructions over 20 years old. Proof that sound occlusal principles combined with outstanding laboratory work, can stand the test of time.

See For Yourself

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shows in the lasting, glowing smiles of our patients. We invite you to take a look today...
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